P13472: Change of Resistance Test Stand

Photo Gallery

The following images were taken during the first phase of the design project and most often relate to the proof-of-concept experiment. Each image is followed by a relevant description.


The MS-Paint-produced concept circuit design for the proof-of-concept experiment. The ballast used in the experiment only has two coils.


On the left is a borrowed 4-wire-capable multimeter, on the right is the proof-of-concept experiment build and in the back is the cylindrical ballast used for the experiment.


A closer view of the experimental design. Power cords on the right supply power to the measurement circuit and power circuit relays (controlled by a manual switch) as well as to the ballast. Transformers are used to convert 120 VAC to 24 VDC for relay control. Terminal blocks allow us to connect ballast wires. Measurements were taken by observing the multimeter at the end of the test.