P13481: Underwater Leak Detection


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The scope of the project is to provide a way to locate leaks in underwater lining applications such as residential swimming pools and frack ponds. The unit should be portable, waterproof, durable, easy to operate underwater and easy to change batteries or recharge.

A colleague came to a student for advice on ways to locate leaks in pools. After suggesting currently used above water technology for pool leak detection, it was discovered by the colleague that a hand held unit was needed. After attempting to find a unit that could satisfy his needs it was realized that nothing like it exists, especially on a consumer-affordable level. The student sought an opportunity to develop a similar technology for the detection of pool leaks built for the average consumer.

This project will deliver a working prototype of an underwater leak detector. Project will be conducted in several development phases. The team will conduct benchmarking activities and feasibility testing prior to the start of detailed design.

Given that this is a clean sheet project, it is expected that there may be follow on projects.

Project Name
Handheld Underwater Leak-Detector
Project Number
Start Term
End Term
Faculty Guide
Ed Hanzlik, echeee@rit.edu
Sponsor (financial support)
Mark Smith, MSD Project Office

Table of Contents


System Planning and Design

Feasibility Testing

System Design Review and Presentation

Detailed Design Review

Photo Gallery

Planning & Execution


Final Prototype Design

Test Results & Specification Self-Assessment

Circuit Diagram

User Instructions

Bill of Materials

Technical Paper


Project Assessment

Future Plans

Team Members

Member Role Contact
Brendan Harder Project Manager bdh5112@rit.edu
Gabe Nicasio Lead Designer gin6183@rit.edu
Peter Goebel Lead Mechanical Engineer pjg3404@rit.edu
Joe Malanga Systems Engineer jxm3861@rit.edu
Matt Strickler Lead Electrical Engineer mgs1034@rit.edu
Ed Hanzlik Faculty Advisor echeee@rit.edu
Matt, Pete, Gabe, Brendan, Joe

Matt, Pete, Gabe, Brendan, Joe