P13481: Underwater Leak Detection

Planning & Execution

Table of Contents

Project Summary


Customer Needs

WorkingDocuments/Customer Needs.png


WorkingDocuments/Engineering Specs.png

Functional Decomposition

WorkingDocuments/Leak Detection Functional Decomp.pdf

Brainstorm Ideas

WorkingDocuments/Leak Detection Brainstorming.pdf

Morphological Chart

WorkingDocuments/Morphological Chart.png

Pugh Diagram

WorkingDocuments/Leak Detection PUGH Diagram.pdf

Block Diagram

WorkingDocuments/Block Diagram 11-01-12.png

Risk Assessment


Project Plans & Schedules

WorkingDocuments/Leak Detection Project Schedule.pdf

Bill of Materials

WorkingDocuments/Bill of Materials.xlsx

Project Reviews

The following System Design Review presentation was given on 10/5/2012: Presentations/5 Week SDR.pptx

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