P13505: Bearing Measurement Test System


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The purpose of this project is to create a test stand on which bearings can be passed or failed depending on different measurements that are taken.

On Xerox's iGen printer line there are two bearings that support a fuser roll. Every 200,000 prints these printers are returned to Xerox for re-manufacturing. Each printer can be re-manufactured a maximum of 5 times and during the re-manufacturing process the technicians have to assess whether or not the bearings that support the fuser roll are still good. The current test to assess the bearing health involves spinning the bearings to see if they spin more than 1 time, checking for wear marks and rust, and checking to see if the bearing has gone through 1,000,000 prints. However, this method is very inaccurate.

Therefore, to try to better improve this process, Xerox purchased an acoustic bearing tester from Flextronic. However, Xerox has been unable to qualify the fixture because the results are too scattered, which causes it to fail an MSA. Thus, it is our task to design a test fixture that can qualify if a bearing is near failure or still safe to use. Additionally, we need to compare our results against the Flextronix acoustic machine.

Project Readiness Package

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Project Name
Fusion Bearing Life Measurement System
Project Number
Start Term
End Term
Faculty Guide
William, Nowak
Primary Customer
Erwin Ruiz
Sponsor (financial support)
Xerox, contact

Team Members

Left to Right, Top then Bottom: William, Stephen, Kevin, Tyler, Andrew, Lauren

Left to Right, Top then Bottom: William, Stephen, Kevin, Tyler, Andrew, Lauren

Member Role Email Phone
Stephen Rugg Project Leader srr9113 607-342-5859
William Craig co-Lead Engineer wsc6648 585-402-2837
Andrew Shuman co-Lead Engineer als3433 315-436-6113
Kevin Albino Team Facilitator/Project Engineer kta6926 845-480-1197
Tyler Hill Project Engineer tjh5054 717-512-8211
Lauren Kaczor Project Engineer lak2641 716-480-0713

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Planning & Execution

Systems Design

Detailed Design

Drawing Package

Testing Results and Procedures

Final Documents