P13541: Eye Tracker

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Schematics and Final build

Mount Design

Below are images of the Case and Mount design, which were created using CREO modeling software.

public/Photo%20Gallery/Drawing.JPG public/Photo%20Gallery/Model.JPG public/Photo%20Gallery/Render.JPG

Below is the image of the final Case and Mount, which was created in the machine shop at RIT. The mount was modified from the original Creo Drawings to add center support bars for the camera. Also the holes for the camera and IR LEDs were removed from the design after the cover was changed to a clear plastic, which doesn't affect the camera capturing ability and allows the IR light to pass through.


Test Plans & Test Results

LED Testing

public/Photo%20Gallery/LED tests.jpg

Infrared Intensity Testing


Accuracy Testing


Camera Testing


Tablet & Software Testing


Test Results for Usability - Calibration Routine

For this experiment, we had 15 subjects run four randomized calibration routines. The calibration routine simply requires the subject to follow a dot on the screen as it moves to five different locations. The experiment tested the difference between fast and slow and with or without directions. I then compared the results using minitab to determine which method yielded the best results. The numbers in the graph represent the x and y coordinates added together for each individual experiment. The smaller the number, the closer the subject was to the actual location of the calibration dot on the screen at all five locations. After removing some of the outliers, the analysis suggests that there was a significant improvement when the user was given directions before starting the experiment. Also, accuracy improved when the speed was set to fast. Below are the residual plots after the data was normalized and the Main Affect plots that show the difference between fast and slow and with or without direction. Also the ANOVA table is located below, which shows the P-value for Speed and Direction.

public/Photo%20Gallery/Usability Plot.png

public/Photo%20Gallery/ANOVA Table.png

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