P13541: Eye Tracker


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The main goal of our project is to create a tablet-based eye tracker. The reason behind this is that there are two main categories of eye trackers that currently exist. The first is the remote eye tracker, which attaches to a desktop computer and thus is not portable. The second category is a pair of eyeglasses with integrated cameras. The eyeglass solution is more portable, but requires the user to wear a laptop backpack.

The goal for this project is to create a tablet-mounted device that houses at least one camera to track the user’s eye. It will be used in conjunction with the tablet’s built-in rear camera in order to determine what the user is looking at.

The Project Readiness Package (PRP) is available here. Also see: PRP_13541_Tablet-Based_Eye-tracker_Mirco-grant.pdf.

Demo Video: Download Youtube

Project Name
Tablet-Based Eye Tracker
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Project Family
Printing and Imaging Systems
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End Term
Faculty Guide
Les Moore
Primary Customer
Susan Farnand
Sponsor (financial support)
Susan Farnand

Team Members

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Member Role Contact
Tina Podrasky Industrial Engineer cmp8611@rit.edu
Michael Krenzer Electrical Engineer mak5536@rit.edu
Hemsley Pichardo Electrical Engineer hxp1823@rit.edu
Bradley Wideman Computer Engineer bcw5910@rit.edu
Matt Kelly Computer Engineer mjk7841@rit.edu

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