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Below are the Customer Needs and Specifications for the tablet based gaze-tracker that were modified to include color coding to indicate each sections current state. Green indicates that the final results met the ideal value for each customer specification. Yellow indicates that the final results either came close to the ideal value or the customer agreed that the final results were acceptable. Red either indicates that the final results did not meet the customers needs or were unable to be determined at the end of the project.

Customer Needs

CN3: The system is able to plot where the user is looking, but it is not very reliable at this point - especially not for a variety of different users.

CN6: Importance was reduced midway through MSD II. The customer recognized that the need would not be met and decided to eliminate it from the customer needs.

CN10: The system is fairly straightforward to use, but it may crash. Also, it is necessary to unplug the webcam and plug it in again before each use to be safe. This is unclear and makes it less user friendly.

CN15: The system can operate successfully for users wearing glasses, but it is highly dependent on the type of glasses and whether or not the IR LEDs are reflecting off of the glasses.

CN17: It will operate successfully outside sometimes, but not enough testing has been done on very sunny days. It definitely works far better indoors with consistent lighting.

CN18: This is quite subjective. The customer is happy with the appearance, but it could probably look better.


S1: Not met because the IR LEDs need to be separated far enough that they provide distinct glints. This is not viewed as a major issue.

S6: We were unable to determine the exact operating rate due to time constraints, but we believe that we are at least very close to the marginal value and it's very likely that we met it.

S7: We did not hit the target resolution but we have proven that gaze tracking can be performed at this lower resolution.

S15: Not met due to the consistant crashing of the gaze-tracking program.

Closing Presentation

MSD II Presentation.pptx

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