P13556: Wyman-Gordon Forging Locator II


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The Wyman-Gordon Corporation would like to implement an electromechanical system to locate and align large, hard to handle forgings and provide clear visual feedback to operators of the work piece location, because it will reduce rework costs and aid shop floor workers in their jobs. The P13556 Senior Design Team will be responsible for the implementation and integration of existing hardware created by the P12556 Team.

Details: The last Multidisciplinary Senior Design (MSD) team designed, purchased, and built a measuring system using six Micro-Epsilon OPTONCDT ILR1181 Light Detection And Ranging (LIDAR) sensors. These sensors were mounted in protective aluminum enclosures suited for the environment and a preliminary mounting system designed using magnets to allow for positional flexibility. They also designed and built a simple display to provide feedback to the operator. Current progress is being made into software and controller selection for an improved system.

Status: The project has ended and the system has been delivered to Wyman Gordon. Although the lasers can accurately track and locate a cold mult, two lasers failed to register on a hot mult in a forging environment.

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Project Name
Wyman-Gordon LIDAR Forging Locator II
Project Number
Project Family
Start Term
2012-1 Fall
End Term
2012-2 Winter
Faculty Guide
Gerald Garavuso, gxgddm@rit.edu
Primary Customer
Daren Eroh (Engineering Manager), deroh@wyman.com
Sponsor (financial support)
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Team Members

Team Photo

Team Photo

Member Role Contact
John Knight Project Manager jck8958@rit.edu
Shimona Gorelick Lead Electrical Engineer slg1770@rit.edu
Min Han Zhao Team Facilitator mxz7516@rit.edu
Nick Perrotte Lead Mechanical Engineer njp6771@rit.edu

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Planning & Execution

Systems Design

Detailed Design

Project Review

Photo Gallery

Planning & Execution

Build, Test, Document

Project Review

Final Presentation

Technical Paper