P13601: Titania Nanotube Reactor


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For an updated project description, click on the following link for the Project Readiness Package. Also see: Customer Documents/PRP_13601_Nanotube_Reactor_Flow_Chart.pptx and Customer Documents/PRP_13601_Nanotube_Reactor_Function_Tree.pptx

A next generation of electrochemical reactor for titania nanotube synthesis needs to be designed and built wherein the temperature of the liquid electrolyte can be controlled and kept at a fixed temperature chosen by the operator. The reactor also needs to be designed so that the ambient humidity, or any other external factors, do not change the water concentration of the reactor electrolyte.

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TiO2 nanotube arrays seen from the side and from above. We fabricated the nanotubes using electrochemistry and imaged them with a Scanning Electron Microscope. Due to their small diameters 1 in2 of a nanotube sample contain more than ¼ trillion nanotubes.

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Titania Nanotube Reactor
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Faculty Guide
Neal Eckhaus, neckhaus@gmail.com
Primary Customer
Christiaan Richter, christiaan.richter@rit.edu
Sponsor (financial support)
Christiaan Richter, christiaan.richter@rit.edu

Team Members

Mary, Kelly, Bill, Jaeyoung, Garry

Mary, Kelly, Bill, Jaeyoung, Garry

Member Role Major Contact
Jaeyoung Ho Project Manager Chemical Engineer jxh2740@g.rit.edu
Garry Clarke Procurement Engineer Chemical Engineer jxc1526@rit.edu
Kelly McNabb Chief Programmer Mechanical Engineer kbm2491@rit.edu
Mary Medino Team Manager Chemical Engineer mem3675@rit.edu
Bill Dullea Chief Design Engineer Mechanical Engineer wbd6077@rit.edu

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