P13601: Titania Nanotube Reactor

Planning & Execution

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Project Summary

Background and motivation

In 2001 Craig Grimes and co-workers from Penn State discovered that ordered arrays of titania nanotubes can be synthesized very cost effectively by anodizing titanium foil in suitable electrolytes. These nanotubes have potential commercial applications in a number of areas including solar cells, catalysts, batteries, super-capacitors and membranes and separation media. The research of your customer here at RIT is aimed at gaining an understanding of the mechanism by which these nanotubes form and to optimize and scale up the synthesis to make commercial production viable. When synthesized in the lab researchers normally simply use open beakers to contain the electrolyte and a lab clamp and stand to position the two electrodes; a foil on which the nanotubes grow and a counter-electrode. However, recent research by our laboratory confirmed that the water concentration within the electrolyte is a critical parameter for controlling the rate of nanotube growth and nanotube properties. This insight, and the fact that the solvents used for nanotube growth are highly hygroscopic, led us to the conclusion that we need a reactor that is sealed from the ambient humidity. Initial trials with sealed reaction chambers showed that the growth process generate significant heat. If the heat generated is not removed the electrolyte temperature rises resulting in the boil-off of water, again impeding nanotube growth.

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