P13601: Titania Nanotube Reactor

Systems Design

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The image below illustrates the current setup of the reactor and this is our starting point where we can apply improvements.
public/Photo Gallery/Bench Marker.jpg

Concept Development (generation, improvement, selection)

Table above shows various concepts that arose during brainstorming.
public/systemsdesign/Pugh Diagram.PNG
Table above shows Pugh analysis of the concepts to see which idea is better based on team's opinion.

Functional Decomposition

public/Photo Gallery/MSD1.jpg
public/Photo Gallery/Arch.jpg

Systems Architecture

Initial Analysis

Graphical Data Any point along the curve of the graph would yield the instantaneous rate of electron movement and the integral of the curve would yield the average accumulation rate.

Corresponding Data Table

Reaction Equations

A very crude calculation of Nitrogen Gas mass flow rate to see if it can be used as a cooling effect. The calculations of the Nitrogen Gas was to prove that the percolation effect was a viable option as a system design.

Risk Assessment

WorkingDocuments/Risk Management.htm

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WorkingDocuments/Risk Management.xlsx

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Systems Design Review

Presentation, notes, actions

systemsdesign/systems review1.pdf

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