P13621: Chem Lab Equipment -- Conductive Heat Transfer


I think the best way to start would be to focus on the objective in its simplest form:

We are creating an experiment to teach students about one dimensional conductive heat transfer. Let us take a moment to examine the implications of that statement.

Other Thoughts

You can get a laser thermometer for about $50. It can take the temperature of an object with touching it. The downside it that is might be difficult to obtain a direct link to a computer for LabView, and it requires the points of the sample that need to be tested to be open to the atmosphere. The advantage is safety and rapid use. Also, lasers are cool.

The creation of a temperature gradient is necessary for this experiment to work. Off the top of my head, we can heat the metal via chemical means (some sort of fueled based flame) or possibly an electric means.

Another part of the temperature gradient could be cooling the other end. Best way to maintain a cold constant temperature would be a fluid kept cold by some sort of refrigerator cycled through a pump or from a reservoir.