P13625: Air Quality Monitor

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Build & Test

There are two major goals that can be defined under the build and test umbrella, validating and verifying tests. Verification tests verify that the test module that we constructed was what we have actually designed. While validation will help the team to prove that the designed and built system is capable of completing the tasks desired by the customer.

The following link is to an Excel document listing and describing all of these tests. Tests

The following link is to a pdf of the teams specifications. Specs

Assembly Instructions

Assembly Instructions

Assembly Instructions have been created as a part of the initial build/prototype process.

Any special care or other similar instruction that is necessary for the build/prototyping process is documented as a part of the testing procedures.

Test Plans & Test Results

Test information can be found at the link above. This document includes all of the testing procedures that are necessary for both verification and validation of our design.
Test Number Description Specs. Documentation Link Notes/Status Owner
1 CO Sensor Calibration Test S1, S2 Test 1 Test will not be conducted at this time due to lack of facilities and potential health hazards to team members. EE Team
2 Environmental Test S3, S4, S5, S6, S7, S8, S9, S10 Test 2 ME Team
3 Microcontroller Sensor Communication Test S11, S12 Test 3 Complete (Passed) Monitor can with a frequency of 0.013s or greater, determined by user. EE Team
4 Monitor Endurance Test S13, S14 Test 4 Complete (Passed) The test was completed as a hybrid of experimentation and theoretical to minimize the length of the test. Resulted in an expected battery life of 9.109 days. EE Team
5 Survey Test S15, S16, S17 Test 5 Complete (Passed) ME Team
6 Drop Test NONE Test 6 Test will not be conducted at this time due to potential risks and time constraints. ME Team
7 Computer Interfacing Time Test S18 Test 7 Complete (Passed) EE Team
8 Mounting Test S19 Test 8 Complete (Passed) ME Team
9 Footprint & Height S20, S21 Test 9 Complete (Passed) ME Team
10 Cost Analysis S22 Test 10 Complete (Passed) Cost of $434.38 for parts and labor. ME Team
11 Reusability S23, S24, S25 Test 11 Complete (Passed) Expected life of 2.28 years of continuous use. ME Team
Sensor Types Selected Sensors Datasheet
CO MQ-7 Gas Sensor (C9O) Link1 Link2
Temp&Humid SHT15 Link

User Manual

User Manual

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