P13625: Air Quality Monitor


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The goal of this project is to redesign and improve the UCB Particle and Temperature Sensor currently in use by Dr. James Myers who is using this device to conduct research in developing countries. The device is used to collect quantifiable data on particulate matter from home environments in developing countries, which include cooking and heating fires.

The biomaterials currently being used as fuel for fires in developing countries contains materials ranging from construction debris and excrement to conventional heating materials. The current device being used only measures particulate matter and temperature, and there are issues with the sensors’ durability and cost. This project will seek to create a similar monitor that will collect more environmental factors, with higher durability, at an equivalent size and cost compared to the UCB monitor.

For an an original project description, click on the following link for the Project Readiness Package. This package is no longer the basis of this project since the PRP and customer needs did not align. It was a team decision that we would be able to make a more direct impact by following the customer, Dr. James Myers', needs rather than those of the EPA challenge described in the original PRP. For a more up to date summary of our please view the 1-Page Summary.

Project Name
Indoor Air Quality Monitor
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Chemical and Materials Processing
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Sarah Brownell Email
Primary Customer
James Myers
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Multidisciplinary Senior Design Department

Team Members

Rachelle Radi, Shafquat Rahman, Jeff Wojtusik, Kyle Sleggs, Dan Bower, Alem Bahre Gessesse

Rachelle Radi, Shafquat Rahman, Jeff Wojtusik, Kyle Sleggs, Dan Bower, Alem Bahre Gessesse

Member Role Contact
Alem Bahre Gessesse EE axg6387@rit.edu
Daniel Bower CE drb4637@gmail.com
Jeff Wojtusik IE-Team Lead jmw4437@rit.edu
Kyle Sleggs ME kas4154@g.rit.edu
Rachelle Radi ME-Facilitator rrr5496@rit.edu
Shafquat Rahman EE sxr5417@rit.edu

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Planning & Execution

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Dr. James Myers
Associate Provost, International Education & Global Programs

Sarah Brownell