P13625: Air Quality Monitor

Jeff Wojtusik

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Team Lead


Degree Path:
Major: BS/ME Industrial Engineering
Minor: Mechanical Engineering


  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Low Volume Production Systems

Work Experience

Past co-ops include one block at Inertia Dynamics located in New Hartford, CT and three blocks at Gleason Works in Rochester, NY.


  • Reference articles on various air quality monitoring aspects.
    • How does a CO monitor work? Link
    • UCB Particle Monitor Specs Link
    • WHO Air Quality Standards Link
    • California EPA Air Quality Link
    • EPA "Six Common Pollutants" Link
  • Haitian Home Construction (Depicted images and links are to give a viewer a better sense of where the sensor will be used and where the sensor may need to be hung.)
  • NOx Research Findings:
    • NOx Facts Link
    • Effects of NO2 Inhalation Link
    • Emission Sources Link
    • NOx General Info (other gases as well) Link