P13625: Air Quality Monitor

Kyle Sleggs

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Kyle Sleggs

Picture Information
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Mechanical Engineer


Degree Path:
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Minor: Chinese Language


-Orbital Mechanics
-Heat Transfer
-MATLAB/VBA/C++ Programming
-Weapons Design

Work Experience

General Dynamics Armament and Technical Products
Gun Engineer (M61A1, GAU-8, GAU-22 support)

American Tactical Imports

Gun Engineer (Small Arms accessory design and support)


Drop-Test Research
  • Beijer Electronics 2 meter drop test Link
  • International Microelectronics and Packaging Society drop test procedure Link
  • IEEE Drop Test procedure Link

Sensor Research

Pugh Sensor Research

  • SO2 Sensor, $210 Link
  • SO2 Sensor, $366 Link
  • SO2 Sensor, $256 Link
  • Particulate Sensor, $15.50 Link
  • Particulate Sensor, $11.95 Link