P13625: Air Quality Monitor

Rachelle Radi

Table of Contents
Picture Information




Degree Path:
Major: BS Mechanical Engineering


Work Experience

Co-op Experience: General Dynamics Armament and Technical Products
Williston, VT

Pfaudler, INC

Rochester, NY



  • Objective
    • Summarize Project
    • Highlight aspects of project
  • Requirements
    • PPT or PDF file, 20" x 30" size
    • Must Bring electronic copy to office on flash drive
    • 1" margin on poster
    • Background: No watermarks, graphics, or dark background
    • Avoid Small detail graphics
    • Template on Mycourses
  • Contents
    • Project Title and Number
    • Photo of team with names and departments
    • Location of more information (website)
    • Why? What is objective of Project?
    • Outline (summarize) needs and Specs
    • Did project meet customer needs? Specs?
    • Exploded view of design with select CAD Drawings
    • Outline Development and Testing (summarize..)
    • Emphasize results
    • Acknowledgements?
    • MSD Graphic
    • Other:
      • Use Bullets
      • Easy to read font
      • Not overly detailed
      • Lots of annotated graphics
      • Content should flow