P13625: Air Quality Monitor


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Some more information can be found in the Reference Documents section.

Reference articles

How CO detectors work and their importance, very high level-Link

UCB–PATS Webpage(manufacturer site)-Link to specs and owners manual-Link

EPA challenge website (links to external pages with additional information)- Link

WHO air quality standards for air quality and exposure- Link

California EPA air quality links page- Link

EPA “Six Common Air Pollutants” Ozone, PM, CO, CO2, SO2, Lead- Link

NOX Research

NO2-induced airway inflammation is associated with progressive airflow limitation and development of emphysema-like lesions in C57BL/6 mice- Link

Everything you need to know about NOx- Link

NOx emission sources- Link

Sectors of sources of NOx gas explained- Link

Sensor information

A possible site to purchase or research some sensors- Link

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