P13630: Process Control -- Metered Flow

Planning & Execution

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Project Summary

This project will investigate, design, fabricate and evaluate a flow meter process that will be used to practically demonstrate process control (PID) in a lab environment. This project will deliver one cart for the Chemical Engineering Process Lab as well as a recommended lap protocol. This equipment will be used in conjunction with class room teaching.

Intellectual Property Considerations


Customer Needs

• Design modeled after and consistent with existing flow carts

• Design to be modular and adaptable

• Design to be portable, easily moved, easily connect and disconnected to lab utilities

• Robust and durable design

• Minimal maintenance and cleaning

• Interface with Labview

• Utilization can take place in allotted time for lab

• Utilization safe and ergonomic

• Operated by 3 students

• Utilization requires fundamental understanding of Process Control

• Can be operated manually or through Labview interface

• Data can be collected manually

• Automated data collection through Labview

• Metered flow control

• Head tank capability

• Means to regulate flow of process fluid


• 230/460 3 phase VAC (Motor/Drive) • 120 VAC (Instruments/Controllers) • 25 psi instrument air • 80 psi compressed air • Process fluid viscosity: 1-10 cP • Process flow range: 1000 g/min +/- 500 g/min

Team Norms & Values

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Project Plans & Schedules

Functional Decomposition

Physical Decomposition


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Risk Assessment

Gant Chart:

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Breakdown Structure

Engineering Specifications

Meeting Minutes, Notes, & Actions

March 20th Minutes

March 22nd Minutes

March 29th Minutes

Peer Reviews


Project Reviews

April 5th Design Review

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