P13632: Process Control -- Heat Exchange

Detailed Design

Table of Contents

After the initial concept generation design plans become more detailed and in-depth. This page documents the path from the approved System Design to the finished Detailed Design.

Drawings and Schematics

Detailed Physical Design

Process Flow Diagram

Initial P&ID

Detailed P&ID

Physical Layout

Planned Layout

Overall Design

Overall Design

Cart Front

Cart Front

Component Detail

Component Detail

Cart Back

Cart Back

Actual Layout

Overall Design

Overall Design

Component Detail

Component Detail

Electrical Design

Electrical Block Diagram

Electrical Block Diagram

4-20 Transmitter Schematic

RTD Schematic

Thermocouple Schematic

Full System Schematic

Note: Actual design and code files are in the directory in Documents/Electrical Information

Bill of Materials

Detailed Design Bill of Materials

Working Bill of Materials with Prices

Final Equipment List


Lab Manual

Lab Procedure

Equipment Manual

Specification Documentation

-Water Bath Specifications

-Heat Exchanger Specifications

-Thermocouple Specifications

-RTD Specifications

-The valve manual is on file with Paul Gregorious in the RIT Chemical Engineering Department.

Electrical Component Data Sheets
-Microcontroller User Guide


-Operational Amplifier 1

-Operational Amplifier 2

-Thermocouple Amplifier

-Digital-to-Analog Converter

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