P13632: Process Control -- Heat Exchange


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Process control is critical to virtually every application engineers will come into contact with. The two basic aspects to understanding Process Control are the theoretical background behind the differential equations that drive a control loop and the practical applications of control theory in a lab environment that demonstrate the interactions between the process and the control.

The control equations are fundamental to all applications. However, the interactions are significantly impacted by the design and type of process being controlled. These interactions are best learned by actual experience in a process lab. This project will investigate, design, fabricate and evaluate a process that will be used to practically demonstrate process control (PID) through a heat exchanger system in a lab environment. This equipment will be used in conjunction with class room teaching.

Team Photo

Team Photo

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Project Name
Process Control -- Heat Exchange
Project Number
Project Family
ChemE Lab Equipment-Process Control Lab
Start Term
Spring 2013
End Term
Fall 2013
Faculty Guide
Steve Possanza, Eastman Kodak
Primary Customer
ChemE Department (Paul Gregorious & Christiaan Richter)
Sponsor (financial support)
Steve Possanza, Eastman Kodak: steven.possanza@kodak.com, 722-5896

Team Members

Member Role Contact
Amanda Doucett Project Manager ald5468@rit.edu
Dan Sacchitella Project Manager das3600@rit.edu
Micah Bitz Administrative Coordinator micahbitz@gmail.com
Marc Farfaglia Controls Liason mcf7568@rit.edu
Rebecca Davidson Technical Engineer rjd9266@rit.edu
Jay Moseley Controls Engineer jrm5116@rit.edu

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Planning & Execution

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A big thanks to Eastman Kodak for all of the equipment they so kindly donated and for loaning us Steve Possanza to help guide us through the design and engineering process.