P13651: Wax Melter

Build, Test, Document

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Build, Test, and Integrate

The melter base was sent out to be cut with a water jet while the rest of the tank was being assembled. The tank base required extensive milling in a CNC machine due to the off center drain hole. The aluminum tank was rolled and welded to the tank base which was mounted on standoffs.

Two 1800 W Watlow band heaters were placed around the tank, one near the base, one midway up, to provide the heat to melt the wax, these were then wired up to the heater controller, and solid state switcher which were placed in an exterior electrical box. Five thermocouples were placed between the tank and the band heater, two for the top heater in the hottest and coldest spots, and three for the bottom heater with two in the hottest spot, one of which ran to the heater controller. The four thermocouples that did not run to the controller were used to validate the controllers temperature data and read temperatures across a larger area.

The motor was mounted to the side of the tank and run through a 30:1 worm drive gear box. This gear box fed a sprocket and chain assembly which turned the shaft in the middle of the tank with the mixing blades on it. The sprockets had to be mounted to their shafts with a pin as the motor had enough torque to make the set screws slip on the shafts.

Realized Machine

Final Construction

Test Plans & Test Results

Testing was done on the machine to determine time to steady-state temperature and time to melt a batch of wax. All testing was done with KC 4088 D wax. The detailed plan, results, and report of the testing is given below.

Test plan

Data Testing Data

Report of Testing Results

Operating Manual

Operations Manual for the Constructed Wax Melter

Service Instructions/Manual

To clean the system, ensure a water tight seal around the drain opening and add hot water to the system, this will dissolve the water soluble wax after which the system can be drained and all wax will be removed.

In the event that the controller loses the settings, the Watlow Controller Manual should be referred to. The thermocouple type must be set to K, the loop should be set to on-off, and the target temperature will need to be reset.

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