P13651: Wax Melter

Planning & Execution

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Team contributors:

Alex Kibbe

Michael Blachowicz

Valentina Mejia

Jonathan Waldron

Rachael Hamilton

Sean Sutton

Project Summary

The goal of the project is to create a new wax melter design for MPI that will work with water soluble waxes that contain fiber glass and other fibrous structures to replace the current design that clogs when faced with these waxes.

Intellectual Property Considerations

The designs created for the wax melter are the intellectual property of the group members and the Rochester Institute of Technology; however, MPI retains the commercial rights to anything created over the course of this senior design project.

Customer Needs

MSD II Based on customer's response to the final design, the scope of the project was narrowed to focus primarily on the melting of wax in the tank. Thus, the customer needs were simplified to reflect this scale-down of the project.



A chart showing a pairwise comparison of the customer's top rated needs can be found below. The pairwise comparison was used to help determine which needs should be focused on the most.

Pairwise Comparison Results

Pairwise Comparison Matrix

A pairwise comparison of the customer's needs

A pairwise comparison of the customer's needs


The customer needs were compared to the engineering specifications to determine which engineering specs should receive the most attention to best satisfy the customer's needs.

Engineering Specifications Versus Customer Needs

Team Norms & Values

Team Norms and Values

Project Plans & Schedules

MSD I Work Breakdown Schedule

Revised MSD II Work Breakdown Schedule

Meeting Minutes, Notes, & Actions

MSD I Meeting Minutes

Questions for Conference Call on 9-11-12

Notes from Conference Call on 9-11-12

Notes from Monday Meeting on 9-17-12

Notes from Thursday Night Meeting on 9-20-12

Notes from Monday Night Meeting on 9-24-12

Notes from the System Design Review dry run on 9-28-12

Notes from Monday Night Meeting on 10-8-2012

Notes from Friday Meeting on 10-12-2012

Notes from Monday Night Meeting on 10-15-2012

Notes from Friday Meeting on 10-22-2012

Notes from Conference Call on Friday 10-22-2012

Notes from Monday Meeting Before Detailed Design Review 11-5-12

MSD II Meeting Minutes

3-6-13 Minutes

3-15-13 Minutes

4-5-13 Minutes

4-19-13 Minutes

4-26-13 Minutes

5-3-13 Minutes

Project Reviews

System Design Review Presentation

Detailed Design Review Presentation

Final Design Review Presentation

MSD II Project Review Presentation

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