P13656: Agitator Redesign for Corrosive Environment

Detailed Design

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Background Information

Ultrasonic Cleaning Research

Analysis of an Ultrasonic Field Attenuated by Oscillating Cavitation Bubbles

Developments in Surface Contamination and Cleaning - Particle Deposition, Control and Removal, Ch. 3 - Ultrasonic Cleaning

ASM Handbook, Vol. 5, Surface Engineering, Ultrasonic Cleaning

TiCN Stripping Reaction US Patent 20070023943

Prototyping, Engineering Analysis, Simulation

Variable Testing Panel Drawings

Feasibility Testing Bar Stock Drawings

Drawings, Schematics, Flow Charts, Simulations

Presentation on Ultrasonic Cleaning System

Bill of Materials (BOM)

Bill of Materials for Full Size Units

BOM for Testing

Test Plans

Variable Testing Plans

Feasibility Test @ Jamestown Advanced

Risk Assessment

Risk Matrix

Detailed Design Review

Detailed Design Review

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