P13656: Agitator Redesign for Corrosive Environment


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For this multidisciplinary senior design project, a request was received for the redesign of a mechanical agitation unit that was operating in a corrosive environment. After a series of design concepts, an alternative technology was chosen to replace the mechanical agitation process. The use of an ultrasonic cleaning system promised potential to both accelerate the chemical stripping process while also having the highest resistance to a corrosive environment. Uncertainty in the effects that an ultrasonic system would have on the current chemical stripping process led to a intensive testing phase in which an optimal range of operating conditions was determined. Preliminary test results using the ultrasonic unit demonstrate a part stripping rate that is twice as fast as the conventional mechanical agitation process. As of the end of this project term, the customer has been presented with the ultrasonic cleaning unit and is very happy with the outcome of this project. Future implementation of the unit is likely and additional process testing will be pursued by the customer.

Original Mechanical Agitation System

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Proposed Ultrasonic Cleaning System

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Agitator Redesign for Corrosive Environment
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End Term
Faculty Guides
Edward Hanzlik, echeee@rit.edu
Mario Gomes, mwgeme@rit.edu
Primary Customer
Coating Technology Inc.
Eric Peterson, ep@coatingtechnologyinc.com
Sponsor (financial support)
Coating Technology Inc.
S.J. Dahle, sd@coatingtechnologyinc.com

Team Members

P13656 Team Photo

P13656 Team Photo

Member Role Contact
Luigi Abbate Student lpa5706@rit.edu
Will Fritzinger Student wcf4322@rit.edu
Kate Karauda Student knk4597@rit.edu
Peter Torab Student pct6080@rit.edu
Mario Gomes Faculty Advisor mwgeme@rit.edu
Edward Hanzlik Faculty Advisor echeee@rit.edu

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