Use this space for any of your team's working documents that you want to share within the team, but aren't ready to link to from your main EDGE site. It is important to centrally locate all your work so that your team can share information and your guide can provide feedback as you work. Examples of files to include here are: * Not-ready-for-release design work (CAD files and schematics) * In-process analysis * In-process reports, conference paper, poster, presentations, etc. You may find it easier to create subfolders to organize your work. For example, you may create a subfolder for each subsystem in your design, or you may create one folder for all CAD work, another for all analysis, and another for all software. Many teams choose to use Google Docs or Google Drive for live multi-person editing of documents (text, spreadsheet, presentation). This is fine as long as all your work eventually resides on EDGE. Unless you are using the live editing and revision tracking features we strongly recommend that you use EDGE to store all your documents.