P13671: Garlock Expansion Joint

Systems Design

Table of Contents

P13671 System Design documents and presentations can be found below for MSDI. This includes concepts, sketchs and concept evaluations.


To view our Pu charts, download the Excel file below.

Concept Development (generation, improvement, selection)

Our initial concept idea can be viewed in greater detail the links below the image. Our initial sketch from week 3:
public/Photo Gallery/ConceptGen_Sketch.jpg

Links to preliminary sketch and concept screening:

System Concepts Presented During SDR 2

Concept #1: Circulation Loop
public/Photo Gallery/EDGE_Images/SCREENSHOTrecircloop.JPG
Concept #2: Stationary Accumulation tank, using thermal fluid
public/Photo Gallery/EDGE_Images/SCREENSHOTwaterstatic.JPG
Concept #3: Stationary Accumulation tank, using air
public/Photo Gallery/EDGE_Images/SCREENSHOTairstatic.JPG

Functional Decomposition

public/Photo Gallery/EDGE_Images/Functional Decomp.png

To download our Functional Decomposition Microsoft Word, click the link below.

Risk Assessment

public/Photo Gallery/EDGE_Images/Risk Assessment.png

To view the full Risk Assessment document, click the link below.

Systems Design Review

Below you will find our Systems Design Review held on January 11, 2013:

After speaking with the customer and academic advisors, we decided to hold a second informal systems design review to discuss our possible over-all system setup. Below you will find the presentation we used for the informal review. Notes from this review can be found here.

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