P13673: Triathlon Shoe


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Project Summary Project Information
For initial project details see the Project Readiness Package. Also see Supplemental Documents for benchmarking, potential concepts, and feasibility analysis.

Triathletes switch mid-race from their rigid cycling shoes to their soft flexible running shoes. The cycling shoes distribute the pedal pressure and transfers energy efficiently, to the to the pedals. The running shoes dampen the impact of running and flex with the foot. This project aims to create a shoe and pedal that make both of those things happen at in one shoe. This is not only convenient, it saves the athlete a lot of time in transition. Specifically the Senior Design team will retrofit an existing shoe with a new sole unit. This unit needs to change properties from being stiff to flexible, while still being able to clip in an out of the pedals, change dampening characteristics, and stay comfortable for the customer.

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Project Name
Triathlon Shoe
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Faculty Guide
Rick Lux, 585-303-5995, ralddm@rit.edu
Primary Customer
Dr. Jeremy Haefner - jahpro@rit.edu (Secretary - Pamela Spencer - plsdfp@rit.edu)

Table of Contents MSD I

Planning and Execution System Design Detailed Design

Project Summary

Intellectual Property Considerations

Customer Needs


Code of Ethics

Project Plan

Meeting Minutes, Notes, & Actions

Resource Database

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Concept Selection

Functional Decomposition

System Architecture

Risk Assessment

System Test

Systems Design Review

Engineering Analysis


Drawings, Schematics, Flow Charts, Simulations

Bill of Material (BOM)

Test Plans

Risk Assessment

Detailed Design Review

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Planning and Execution Final Deliverables Photo Gallery

Project Plan

Meeting Minutes

Working BOM

Test Results

Complete Drawing Set

Technical Paper

Final Presentation



Preliminary Testing

Prototyping Process

Product Pictures

Finished Prototype

Team Members

Left to Right: Cody Woods, Ryan Wilson, Maddi Hoppy, Nate Morefield, Mike Kurvach

Left to Right: Cody Woods, Ryan Wilson, Maddi Hoppy, Nate Morefield, Mike Kurvach

Member Role Contact
Hoppy, Madeline Industrial Designer email
Kurvach, Michael ME Team Member email
Morefield, Nate IE Project Manager email
Wilson, Ryan ME Lead Engineer email
Woods, Cody ME Team Member email