P13673: Triathlon Shoe
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Customer Needs

Table of Contents

The overarching need of this project is to allow the athlete to repeatedly race faster

Critical To Have

CN1 Flexibility during running

CN2 Lets the triathlete transition faster

CN3 Shoes can be left on the pedal when not in use

CN4 Easy clip out

CN5 Good power output

CN6 Long pedal life

CN7 Secure attachment to pedals

Important To Have

CN8 Easy clip in

CN9 Comfortable

CN10 There is float on the pedals

Nice To Have

CN11 Doesn't bump bicycle frame

CN12 Personalize shoe position relative to the pedal

CN13 Personalize shoe position and orientation relative to bike

CN14 Lightweight

Needs Not Relevant To Project Scope

CN15 Allow ankle flexion and extension

CN16 Drainage/fast dry time

CN17 Smooth inside for barefoot use.

CN18 Can be put on quickly

CN18 1 handed fastening

CN19 Foot is securely fastened to the sole unit (no stretch upper)