P13681: Moog Gas Evacuation

Build, Test, Document

Table of Contents


Assembly of the Plate

Interface with Current Set-up


Labview was used to control the solenoid valve in our system. Before integrating the code into the valve, it was used to turn on and off a light.

After this, the valve was tested. The solenoid makes a "click" with is is energized and de-energized. Various testing was performed for the valve before allowing it to be pressurized.

Electronics Assembly Summary

Test Plans & Test Results

The data collected from Moog was provided in four 1-hour plots. The test performed and time it started and finished were recorded during this time. The plots were incremented and the average leakage determined at each point. Observations about each individual plot was recorded and tabulated. The data was filtered and various plots were generated to make conclusions.

Plans for Testing

Results from Testing

Notes During Testing

Incremented Plots

Tabulated Results and Observations

Plotted Results and Conclusions

Functionality and Performance

Overall the system design worked as we planned[......]

Below is a summary of all the customer requirements and how they were met.

Functionality and Performance Summary

Our Recommendations

Implement the nitrogen flush subsystem on the top o-ring. Below are the drawings necessary to implement this system.

Upper O-ring Subsystem

In the future, if budget allows, alter the fixturing to also incorporate a flush method

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