P13681: Moog Gas Evacuation

Detailed Design

Table of Contents
Simulation Report

Simulation Conclusions Summarized

Schematics, Flow Charts

System Layout

Physical Representation of System

Machined Parts


Verification of Plug design

Pressure Vessel Analysis

Bill of Materials


MSD I System

Because of budget cuts in Defense and Space Development, research and development projects were reduced or eliminated. The system presented above represents what we came up with after our budget was reduced in order to show a proof of concept. However the team did not want all or our design work from MSD I to go to waste, so below are the more permanent, and very expensive designs.

Bill of Materials

Model of System

Wire Diagram

System Layout


Test Plans

Summary Test Plans


Nitrogen Pressure Optimization

Time Step Optimization Test

Specification Test plans

System Pressure Capability

Test Gas Leakage Test

Training Time Test

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

Detailed Design Review


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