P13711: Wegmans Dough Mixing Process Improvement


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Wegmans Food Markets, Inc is a retail grocery chain that produces many items in their Rochester, NY bakeshop. One specific process yields the frozen dough of old fashion sub rolls that gets shipped to individual stores. Originally the project was intended to “design and implement process changes that can improve throughput – changes in scheduling, decision making tools, use visual or audio alarms to trigger next steps and awareness of being behind schedule, etc.” However as observations and analysis concluded other sources of variation and areas of process improvement, the scope became more process improvement oriented. The design, feasibility testing, and eventual implementation of a device allowing Wegmans transparency into downtimes, capacity losses, and accurate quality assurance tests experienced by this process is reported here.

Project Name
Wegman's Dough Mixing
Project Number
Project Family
Process Innovation and Improvement
Start Term
End Term
Faculty Guide
Professor John Kaemmerlen
Primary Customer
Mike Least, Paul Fiorica, Bakery Department
Sponsor (financial support)

Team Members

Member Role Contact
Rebecca Hendrix Industrial Engineer rsh5459@rit.edu
Clayton Tontarski Industrial Engineer cdt5069@rit.edu
Matthew Purcell Industrial Engineer msp9434@rit.edu
Nicholas Gianelle Mechanical/Electrical Engineer npg2965@rit.edu

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Planning & Execution

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Final Poster, Paper, and Presentation


We would like to acknowledge Wegmans Food Markets Inc. for the privilege of working on this project as well as the support that was provided by Mike Least, Russ Patton, and Paul Fiorica. In addition we would like to acknowledge Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) and our project guide, John Kaemmerlen for his insight and expertise.