P13716: Andon Lights

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Project Summary

Toyota Production Systems Lab Entrance

Toyota Production Systems Lab Entrance

The objective of this project is to introduce jidoka to the four-station assembly line within the Toyota Production Systems Lab at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Jidoka is a term used in the Toyota Production System that refers to diagnosing an abnormality immediately and correcting it accordingly so that defects are not passed along to the next operator.

In order to improve quality on this line, two andon systems and a corresponding monitoring system are to be developed. One andon system is to be a typical system consisting of simple electronics. The other andon system is to be purely mechanical in nature. In order to highlight and record abnormalities, which can later be used to perform root cause analysis and develop preventative countermeasures, a monitoring system will be designed alongside the andon systems.

Customer Needs

The current version of the customer needs, revision 3, can be viewed below.
Customer Needs, Rev. 3

Customer Needs, Rev. 3

The previous versions of the customer needs can be viewed by following the links below.

Customer Needs Rev 2.xls

Customer Needs Rev 1.xls


The current version of the specifications can be viewed below.
Specifications Final

Specifications Final

The previous versions of the specifications can be viewed by following the links below.

Specifications Rev 4.xls

Specifications Rev 3.xls

Specifications Rev 2.xls

Specifications Rev 1.xls

Team Norms & Values

Team behavior expectations

It is our expectation that team members will be respectful of each other's ideas, keep one another informed, and balance workload amongst all people.

Balanced workload

In order to ensure a balanced workload, we will discuss the allocation of work assignments as a team.

Roles and responsibilities

Roles and responsibilities (ie: the role of project manager) will be selected based on who volunteers and/or who is most qualified.

Honoring the strength of individuals

Individual responsibilities will be determined based on who volunteers and/or who is most qualified.

Interactions with guide

We will schedule and participate in continuous, weekly meetings with our guide.

Communication with one another

In order to facilitate communication with the entire group, we will utilize email, phone calls, and text messaging, as applicable.

Decision making

Under ideals circumstances, we will make decisions based on consensus, but may be required to revert to alternate decision making options (ie: refer to expert, majority rules, etc.) as specific cases arise.

Expectations for integrity or responsibility

It is mutually beneficial for all group members to adhere to due dates and submit deliverables on time, especially when it affects the work and progress of somebody else.

Conflict management

If/when conflicts arise, the team will deal with problems on a team-level. One good strategy to avoid the escalation of anger and frustration might be to step away from the problem, time permitting, for a meeting, an hour, or even a day. If problems can't be managed within the confines of our group, we will consult our guide, as needed.

Project Plans & Schedules

The current version of the gantt chart, revision 3, can be viewed below.
Gantt Chart, Rev. 3

Gantt Chart, Rev. 3

The previous version of the gantt chart can be viewed by following the link below.

Gantt Chart Rev 2.mpp

Gantt Chart Rev 1.mpp

Meeting Minutes, Notes, & Actions

The agendas and minutes from past meetings can be viewed by following the links below.

2012-12-04 Agenda.doc

2012-12-11 Agenda.doc

2012-12-11 Minutes.docx

2012-12-18 Agenda.doc

2012-12-18 Minutes.docx

2013-01-08 Agenda.doc

2013-01-08 Minutes.doc

2013-01-15 Agenda.doc

2013-01-15 Minutes.docx

2013-01-22 Agenda.doc

2013-01-22 Minutes.docx

2013-01-29 Agenda.doc

2013-01-29 Minutes.docx

2013-02-05 Agenda.doc

2013-02-05 Minutes.docx

2013-02-08 Agenda.doc

2013-02-08 Minutes.doc

2013-02-12 Agenda.doc

2013-02-12 Minutes.docx

2013-03-15 Minutes.docx

2013-03-29 Minutes.docx

Peer Reviews

MSD I mid-quarter peer evaluations were completed between Week 4 and Week 5. A plus/delta assessment tool was used, which entailed each teammate listed a positive note and an improvement note for every other teammate.

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