P13721: Estar Wide Role Shipping Container


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Eastman Kodak produces a polyester film base (Estar) which is manufactured to various roll lengths and widths. Currently there are multiple containers used for transportation of the products between work areas and Kodak departments. This creates redundant work in multiple work groups. Current practices are not oriented toward minimizing damage to the product either. The motivation for the project is to standardize pack to ship processes for all “new business” products and reduce the frequency of damaging products during pack to ship.

The primary task is to develop a universal shipping container to facilitate transportation and international shipment for all “new business” wide roll products that is robust, reusable, and cost effective. Development of the container should also facilitate standardization of pack to shipping processes as well as waste reduction in appropriate work groups.

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Project Name
Estar Wide Role Shipping Container
Project Number
Project Family
Process Innovation
Start Term
End Term
Steve Possanza (585)722-5896
Bob Huurman (585)588-5158
Fred Demmans (585)722-6215
Marci Snider (585)477-4134
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Team Members

From left to right: Phil McKee, Thomas Benner, Brandon Kilbury, Jason Ryan, Justin Mintz

From left to right: Phil McKee, Thomas Benner, Brandon Kilbury, Jason Ryan, Justin Mintz

Member Role Contact
Justin Mintz Team Lead - Industrial & Systems Engineer jmm1049@rit.edu
Thomas Benner Mechanical Engineer trb6122@rit.edu
Jason Ryan Mechanical Engineer jtr9947@rit.edu
Brandon Kilbury Mechanical Engineer bmk6471@rit.edu
Phillip C. McKee Mechanical Engineer pcm4830@rit.edu

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