P13721: Estar Wide Role Shipping Container

Planning & Execution

Table of Contents

Project Summary

Project Summary

Customer Needs & Specifications

Needs and Specs

Team Norms & Values

Expectations of Group Members: First and foremost, open lines of communication are expected by everyone in the group. This will ensure that work is evenly distributed and no one is completely lost or overwhelmed. This will also help to prevent missed meetings and will encourage feedback both positive and negative to arrive at a solution the entire group is confident in. Each member of the team is expected to take on their assigned portion of the project with pride, and complete it in a timely manner. If something is unclear, it is up to the responsible individual to find help or clarification either from group members, guide, or other faculty. On that same note, if a group member is approached for help, it is important they give an honest attempt or at least point the person in the appropriate direction if possible.

Distribution of Work: Equal workloads should be given to each member of the team. Individual strengths and weaknesses should be taken into account when work is assigned in order to make progress as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Guide Interaction: Our guide, Steve Possanza will be kept up to date on major project milestones through email along with meetings at Kodak on Fridays.

Group Communication: Any form of communication is acceptable (email, text, phone), but a point should be made to relay important information through the most direct form possible. For example, try calling the person before texting or email. Any meeting conflicts or delays should be communicated ahead of time to all group members.

Decision Making: For all decisions a consensus is preferred, but in the event the entire group cannot agree there should be a discussion on possible solutions, pros and cons of each and finally a majority vote. The guide will be brought in on these decisions if needed.

Conflict Resolution: Group members should be respectful and open to different ideas or opinions. However, if there is a personal conflict, it should be talked over by the members involved with a mediator (either other member or guide) to find the cause of conflict and a proposed resolution or compromise between members.

Project Plans & Schedules

Working Project Gantt Chart

Meeting Minutes, Notes, & Actions

MSD I Meeting Minutes


Peer Reviews


Project Reviews

Preparation, notes and actions, etc.

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