P13721: Estar Wide Role Shipping Container

Systems Design

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Functional Decomposition

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Functional Decomposition

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

MSD II updated Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment


Due to the unique nature of the Estar product and pack to ship procedures, no industry standard or current practice was benchmarked.

However, the customer manufactures multiple products, many of which are packed in unique containers. The new container design draws from these current containers and the different packing techniques in use.

Concept Development

The pack to ship workflows at the Estar lines, namely wrapping of the roll at the wind-up area(s), was the primary constraint for container concept development.

The pack to ship processes had to be taken into account as they drive how the container can be assembled and made ready to ship. The current processes were assessed (namely Asian and non-Asian market products) and future state concepts for leaner pack to ship processes were developed.

The following are process flow concepts that encompass the entire pack to ship process given existing manufacturing facilities:

 Process Flow Concepts

Process Flow Pugh Matrix

public/FinalDocuments/Pics/Pugh Matrix - Process Flows.jpg

Pugh Matrix for Process Flows

Refined Process Flow Pugh Matrix

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Refined Pugh Matrix for Process Flows

Scored Process Flows

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Scored Process Flows

From this selection process two primary workflows were developed and selected for implementation. Due to space restrictions at windup and desired roll cleanliness the derived workflows were altered due to a lack of feasibility. Further constraints were given by the customer for wrapping products depending on destination market as well. From these additional constraints the following final workflows were developed:

public/FinalDocuments/Pics/Selected Workflows.jpg

Selected Workflows

These workflows helped the team begin brainstorming of container sub-assemblies.

Primary functions of the container in relation to customer needs and specs were outlined (see below):

public/FinalDocuments/Pics/Container Concept Components.jpg

Container Concept Components

These functions were grouped to make complete container concepts. By developing concepts in this manner the physical deliverable will be well integrated into the existing manufacturing environment upon implementation.

public/FinalDocuments/Pics/Pugh Matrix - Containers.jpg

Pugh Matrix for Container

Three container concepts were selected prior to Design Review I:

public/FinalDocuments/Pics/Container Concept Selection.jpg

Container Concept Selection

System Architecture

public/FinalDocuments/Pics/System Architecture.jpg

System Architecture

System Design Review

Preliminary Design Review presentation

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