P13731: Educational Rube Goldberg

Subsystem 2 - Freshman Year

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Engineering Principles

What is a robot?

A robot is a machine that can automatically carry out a series of complex actions or commands. Robots must have the ability to power themselves. Solar power, electric power, and batteries can all be used to create robot movement and function.

Rube Robot

The Rube Robot (shown in the second subsystem) uses a series of light sensors to detect the white line that it follows. The Rube Robot uses a combination of K'nex pieces, two motors, Lego wheels, some Lexan plastic, screws, a door hinge, and light sensors.
Rube Robot

Rube Robot

More Robots

Another RIT robot is the TigerBot. This senior design project is a semi-autonomous humanoid robot that is capable of interacting with users through speech recognition. Check out a video of the RIT TigerBot here.

These two robotic devices are made to mimic human hand movements.

 Lego Robotic Hand

Lego Robotic Hand

Lego Robotic Arm
This Lego Robotic Hand is made completely of Lego pieces and can do many different hand motions.

The Terminator

The Terminator

The Terminator
The Terminator is the one of the most advanced prosthetic limbs. Clicking the thumb to different positions allows the existing arms muscles to control the robotic arm and move it certain ways.


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Planning & Execution I

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Detailed Design

Project Review I

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Build, Test, Document

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Final Presentation

Technical Paper


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