P14006: Bathtub Lift

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Decision Process

MSD II Project Schedule

Problem Tracking

Waterproofing Actuator Brainstorm

Part Tracking with Part Weight

Build, Test, and Integrate

First test completed is the wood demo test with the actuator provided by Linak that will be used to power and operate the bath tub seat. In addition testing of the turn table that will be on the base of the seat to allow the chair rotate in the tub.

Wood Demo

Wood Demo Video Updated

Wood Demo Video

Water Jet Plate

Bottom Plate Drawing

Bottom Plate Assembled

Seat with Top Plate

Scissor Leg Drawing

Short Clevis Drawing

Latest Stress Analysis on Plate & Rod

Tall Clevis Drawing

Top Base Drawing


MSD II Test Review

MSD II Phase II Test Review

MSD II Phase III Test Review

MSD II Final Presentation

Test Plans & Test Results

After testing with the wood demo, some weight was applied on top on the device which resulted in the rod attached to the actuator which helps with raising the legs deformed. After stress calculation it was agreed that a 3/4" 304 SS rod was needed. Wood Demo Dowel Bend

Waterproofing solutions were tested for the actuator. A Ziploc space bag was purchased and test with the actuator as well as a bellow. The bellow as a result had the best results for moving with actuator and keeping water out. Ziploc Space Bag Test

Ziploc Bag Test Part 2

Ziploc Test Video

Ziploc Test Photo

Actuator with Bellow Photo

Actuator with Bellow Video

Suction cups were purchased by SeaSuckers and were tested on how much force they can take.

Suction Cups

Seat and sliding component for the device were tested after being built and assembled. The rotating part had to have lubricant added to make rotating easier for the user.


Seat Test Video

Slide Mounted to Wood Demo

Seat Slide Test Document

Slide Test

Seat Test

Final Prototype

4 Scissor legs were machined from 304 stainless steel using a water jet. Bushings and alloy pins were place in the middle holes to create the scissor concept.

Scissor Legs

Final Prototype Video

An adapter was machined from milling and drilling to be attached to the actuator to push a rod that will be connected to the clevis. The clevis are mounted on to a carriage which are on rails to help slide and raise/lower the scissor legs.

Adapter & Rail system

Assembly Instructions

Assembly Instructions

Final Assembly Video


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