P14006: Bathtub Lift

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Intellectual Property Considerations

Team Norms & Values

The expectations for team behavior is to demonstrate teamwork and that everyone gives equal contribution. Everyone has to be a team player and have an equal understanding. The roles and responsibilities of the team will be given based upon team members strengths and weaknesses. All team members are expected to not be late when it comes to due dates and to be prompt with their assignments. If help is needed the team member must notify others as soon as possible for help or an extension. To manage conflict or when expectations are not met the team must have a meeting and discuss the conflict. If team members cannot manage the conflict the team's faculty guide will be notified to help. Team decisions will be made with the method of consensus and/or majority. Team members must communicate with faculty guide via e-mail. Team members will be communicating with each other to schedule meeting via whatsapp & e-mail. Lastly, all team members must respect each other.

Project Plans & Schedules

Bath Tub Lift Schedule Phase II Update

Risk Assessment

ID Risk Item Cause Effect Likelihood Severity Importance Actions to minimize Owner
1 User injury due to falling/slipping off device No adding arm rails. Combination of material, water and human skin not having enough friction causing user to slip. Minor to severe injury to the customer/user 1 3 3 Implement a safety device and use high friction materials Team
2 Electrocution Exposed electrical components User may be electrocuted by direct contact with device or through water 1 3 3 Design electrical components to be isolated/sealed from rest of device Team
3 Electric power supply inconsistent Charge from battery may not be sufficient to operate device when running low User may experience longer operation times or may become trapped in tub 2 3 6 Apply a warning system/visual indicator that the battery is low. Team
5 Not being able to fulfill requirements of broad user base (height/weight differences) Not conducting an ergonomics study on the stature of the users percentile and their reach User may be too big or too small for device. User may get injured due to lack of space or not being able to reach certain items. Customer dissatisfaction 2 2 4 Have multiple team members measure the dimension of the tub and for every step of the process, re-measure to verify meeting constraints Team
6 Safety of user’s legs When fixture is lowering it does not allow enough room for legs Minor to sever injury to the customer/users legs 1 3 3 Apply a foot rest at the base of the device so the user can place their feet before operating Team
7 Transfer from starting position to the device Unsafe transition from starting position to the device Possible falling injury 1 3 3 Option 1: Having the device being able to slide out the tub for the user to access. Option 2: Ensure that the device can rotate out of the tub and is stable for users that can stand to use as a support. Team
8 Not being able to meet deadlines/milestones Not having a well developed project plan and keeping it updated Product delay which may lost customers trust 2 2 4 Have daily or weekly updates on assignments and if help is needed Team
9 Going over budget Not keeping track of budget or knowing what the budget is Having to ask for more or falling short on supplies to develop the product. 1 1 1 Schedule to audit budget every 2 weeks. Team
10 All team members not being able to meet Miscommunication or lack of communication between team members Team members missing meetings or not being active in their roles 2 1 2 Communicate with team verbal and text/email when and where will meetings will take place. Team

Meeting Minutes, Notes, & Actions

ID Source Action Description
1 Post-presentation Q/A Further specify the dimensions of the device, rather than giving a general volume.
2 Post-presentation Q/A Further specify what the cleaning procedure would be.
3 Post-presentation Q/A Further specify how the system will be transported? Will it fold down? Break apart? Combination?
4 Debartolo When benchmarking, check to see whether the 'flaps' on other models can support weight.
5 Debartolo Further specify - How will the legs be lifted? What safety measures will be employed? How much weight can the lift support?
6 Debartolo Go more in-depth with the operation procedure. Meet again with the client to get more detail on certain areas.
7 Debartolo Decide on a way to power the system. Will it be powered by water, battery, or a combination?
8 Debartolo Create a standardized method to test water temperature to ensure the device stays in its operating temperature and the user is not injured.

Peer Reviews

MSD I WK 1-3 Evaluations - Completed and sent to group guide (Art North).

MSD I WK 4-6 Evaluations - Completed and sent to group guide (Art North).

Project Reviews

Phase 1 Review

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