P14026: Performance Evaluation Fixture

Planning & Execution

Table of Contents

Intellectual Property Considerations

All design parameters and system functionality are based on US Patents authored by Roman Press and Jeff Gutterman, as well as the FDA 501K approval to market and manufacture.

Benchmarking and Research

Team Code of Ethics: Focus and Finish

Team Norms and Member Contract:

  1. Commit to attend weekly group meetings and notify the group via email when unable to attend.
  2. Attend MSD I Meetings to understand core project concepts.
  3. Be open to discussion and growth throughout the process.
  4. Maintain professionalism.
  5. Provide constructive criticism and solutions to problems throughout discussions.
  6. Focus on completion of project goals.
  7. Respect and meet customer needs and specifications.
  8. Take ownership of the situation and final outcome.

Team Expectations:

  1. Members will be punctual and prepared for all meetings and discussions.
  2. Members will regularly check their email and respond in a timely fashion.
  3. Members will meet project deadlines and provide necessary deliverables.
  4. Workload will be equally shared and communicated effectively via email, phone, and face-to-face.
  5. Decisions will be made based on a consensus within the group or a majority if a consensus cannot be reached.
  6. Members passionate about a specific focus area within the group are encouraged to take the lead on that part.
  7. Members are encouraged to ask questions for clarity and to ask for help when necessary.

Team Values:

  1. Members of the team will respect the integrity of the project and work together towards a solution.
  2. Members will respect the ideas of others and provide critiques in a respectful manner.
  3. Members will be held accountable for their assigned tasks and are expected to commit to what they agree to do.

Conflict Management:

  1. Personal problems are expected to be kept outside of the group.
  2. If an individual member is unable to commit, members will speak to that individual to determine the problem and
    if necessary speak with the project guide.

Project Plans & Schedules (Work Breakdown Schedules and Gantt Charts)

Overall Project

public/9_24_2013 Overall WBD Structure.PNG...public/9_24_2013 Overall Gantt.PNG

Problem Definition

public/9_24_2013 Problem Def WBD Structure.PNG...public/9_24_2013 Problem Def Gantt.PNG

System Design

public/9_24_2013 System Des WBD Structure.PNG...public/9_24_2013 System Des Gantt.PNG

Subsystem Design

public/9_27_2013 Subsystem WBD Structure.PNG...public/9_27_2013 Subsystem Gantt.PNG

Detailed Design

public/10_29_2013 Detailed Des WBS.PNG...public/10_29_2013 Detailed Des Gantt.PNG


public/12_10_2013 Prep and Start of MSD II.png

Functional Decomposition

public/10_10_2013 Functional Decomposition.PNG

Risk Assessment

Mitigation Plan

public/12_4_13 Mitigation Plan.png

Team Skill Assessment

Team Shared Visions

Project Reviews

Week 3: Problem Definition

Presentation given September 12, 2013

Feedback of customers and guide

To view the presentation as a slideshow

Week 6: System Design Review

Presentation given October 1, 2013

Feedback of customers and guide

To view the presentation as a slideshow

Week 9/10: Subsystem Design Review

Presentation given October 29, 2013

Feedback of customers and guide

Summary of Weeks 9-10

To view the presentation as a slideshow

Week 15: Detailed Design Review

Presentation given December 5, 2013

Feedback of customers and guide

Open Action Items remaining at end of MSD I

To view the presentation as a slideshow

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