P14026: Performance Evaluation Fixture

Systems Design

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Flow Measurement Devices



Overall, the team was most impressed by the first and second devices. Both contain two groups of sensors
on either side of a resistive sieve arranged in the gas channel and lose almost no flow making them precise
pieces of instrumentation.
However, 14026's design borrows most heavily from the fourth, since it is something the team could likely
replicate and improve upon at a modest price.

Lung Simulations

Functional Decomposition

public/10_10_2013 Functional Decomposition.PNG

Concept Generation & Morphological Analysis

Top Level

public/9_19_2013 Concept Generation & Morphological Analysis.PNG

Second Level

public/9_24_2013 Second Level Concept Generation.PNG

Conceptual Systems Architecture

Primarily Electrical

public/9_30_13 PrimarilyElectrical.png

Primarily Mechanical

public/9_30_13 PrimarilyMechanical.png

Animal Lung

public/9_30_13 AnimalLung.png


public/9_30_13 Microprocessor.png

For Side-by-Side Comparison with Medical Device

public/9_30_13 SCMD.png

System Selection

PUGH Chart 9/27/13


PUGH Chart 10/24/13


General Testing Process

public/Process Proposal Rev 1 Sept_27.PNG

Risk Assessment

Team 14027 maintains a Risk List which details possible failures and the predetermined correct course of action in each circumstance.
The team revisits and updates these risks every three weeks to ensure that they remain fresh in the minds of team members.

Original Risk Management Analysis created September 13, 2013

Revision 1 as of September 26, 2013

Revision 2 as of October 9, 2013

Revision 3 as of October 23, 2013

Revision 4 as of November 5, 2013

Revision 5 as of December 2, 2013

Revision 6 as of December 3, 2013

Revision 7 February 4, 2014

System Reviews

Week 3: Problem Definition Review

The Week 3 Review gave Team 14027 the opportunity to show the customers their understanding of the Project Readiness Package
and to ask for their input.

Following the presentation, the customers provided feedback, stating that the team was on the right track. They did, however, caution
the team not to restrict themselves to a device, but to also be open to the idea of creating a process.

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Week 6: System Design Review

The Week 6 Review allowed the team to show their ideas for different forms of their project. The presentation highlighted the conceptual
aspects of the design problem, checking for feasibility without attempting to go straight into solutions.

The customer was again asked for, and provided feedback based on what they saw. The feedback was largely positive, with the customer
expressing some concern regarding software and data storage capabilities, as well as possible issues with sensor signal delays. The
team resolved to make signal timing an integral part of planning.

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