P14029: Robotic Fish

Project Definition

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Project Definition

This project is the next in a line of projects using McKibben muscles, and is intended to develop additional biomimetic robotic capabilities for the Lamkin-Kennard laboratory using soft pneumatic actuators. Specifically, this project is designed to prove the feasibility of McKibben muscles for use in underwater robotic applications, and to develop core technology and a platform for other teams to use in the future.

Additionally, the result of the project, a robotic fish, could be used for exploration, surveillance, or research purposes to study underwater propulsion.

The project specifically seeks to develop a soft-bodied pneumatic fish that looks, moves, and feels like a fish. The robotic fish should be capable of swimming forward, backward, and turning, most likely using Body Caudal Fin propulsion, and the primary mechanism for generating the swimming motion must be McKibben muscles.

The Week 3 presentation of the Problem Definition phase can be seen here.

(REV 10-8-13)

Project Plan

(REV 10-8-13)

Customer Requirements

Customer needs were determined after an interview with Dr. Lamkin-Kennard.
;Customer needs

(REV 10-8-13)

Engineering Specifications

The engineering requirements were derived from the customer requirements as shown below.

(REV 10-8-13)

House of Quality (HOQ)

A House of Quality was also constructed to shown the relations between the customers needs and which engineering specs were addressing them.

;Customer needs


Project Constraints

(REV 10-8-13)

Project Goals and Key Deliverables

The projected goal of the project is a robotic fish capable of swimming forward, backward, and turning, with as near a fish-like appearance as possible. Key deliverable are shown below.

Project Constraints

(REV 10-8-13)

Benchmarking & Research

Similar projects found in the literature for benchmarking purposes are shown below.

Biologically Inspired Approach to Robotic Fishes University of Essex

A Novel 3-D Locomotion Biomimetic Robot Fish with Multiple Sensors

Design of a Robotic Fish Propelled by Oscillating Flexible Pectoral Foils

Mimicry of Fish Swimming Patterns in a Robotic Fish

Mimicry of Sharp Turning Behaviours in a Robotic Fish

Modeling and Implementation of a Biomimetic Robotic Fish

Review of Fish Swimming Modes

Project Definition Review

The powerpoint presentation for the Week 3 Project Definition Review can be seen here.

Here are the resulting action items.

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