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Subsystem Level Prep

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Subsystem Level Prep

In order to ensure successful and timely project completion, planning the build/test/integration phase that comprises the majority of the semester was necessary. To achieve this goal, a thorough project plan outlining the process from initial testing to project completion was drafted. This document will be used in tandem with a more detailed task management spreadsheet to ensure that the project stays on schedule in both the localized view of each respective gate, while providing an efficient method of tracking the "big picture" of project completion. Additionally, the plan highlights points during the project where crucial evaluations will be made, which could lead to possible redesign if unsatisfactory. Highlighting these points in advance will help the team act more dynamically, making the absorption and accommodation of any potential design changes more efficient, should they become necessary. Similarly, a detailed test plan was constructed. This plan outlines all tests, major and minor, necessary to ensure all engineering specifications and customer requirements are being met as the project progresses.

With the understanding that problems will present themselves as the build progresses, a methodology was preemptively adopted to help mitigate the negative effects of these problems as efficiently as possible. The particular method chosen utilizes a 6-step problem solving process to accomplish this goal.

Project Plan

A view of the plan covering the first month of action items:
Project Plan

The entire active document can be viewed here.

Test Plan

The test plan is a critical tool to ensure successful project completion. Success will be measured in terms of adherence to engineering specifications and customer requirements, thus drafting a thorough test plan that tracks directly back to proving they have been met is crucial. Also, additional tests must be planned to proactively ensure the project doesn't run into a catastrophic situation by testing physical components as well as basic design mechanics ahead of time to avoid any "it should have worked" scenarios. The plan as it currently stands:
Project Plan

Due to their close interdependence, the project and test plans are found in the same active document linked above.

Problem Tracking

The 6-step problem solving template that will be used to help quickly mitigate any problems that arise during the build/test/integrate phase should they present themselves:
public/Problem Tracking.png

A link to the active document that will be used can be viewed here.

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