P14031: Jib Trimmer Transfer Bench


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Sailing is an activity that promotes lifelong wellness and a sense of freedom not easily experienced on land. People with limited or no leg mobility who would like to participate in this activity have additional challenges when faced with the need to move about the boat. This project focuses on designing a device to address these challenges.

A jib transfer bench is a device that enables a jib trimmer to move transversely across the width of the sailboat, without the use of their legs or core muscles. A jib transfer bench was created in Spring 2013 (P13031) that is heavy, expensive, labor-intensive to assemble, and accommodating of a strict size constraint present at the time. This size constraint limited the design opportunities to achieve the desired functions, but is no longer a constraint for future iterations.

The goals of this project are to analyze the current design to identify opportunities to make the jib transfer bench lighter, cheaper, and easier to assemble. The expected end results are a functional prototype and, ultimately, design documentation publicly available for disabled sailors to use. The resulting design and prototype for use in a Sonar class sailboat need to be consistent with the functions of the previous iteration, yet more suitable for small-scale manufacturing.

The Sonar is recognized as the premier sailboat class for paralympic racing.

For more detailed background information, click on the following link for the Project Readiness Package.

Project Name
Jib Transfer System
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Project Family
Biomedical Systems and Technologies
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Faculty Guide
Kate Leipold, knleme@rit.edu
Primary Customer
Pier's Park Sailing Center (Boston, MA)
Caitlyn Ridgely, Adaptive Recreation Director at Pier's Park
Sponsor (financial support)
RIT Senior Design
Final Documentation
Publicly Available Manufacture & Build Instructions

Team Members

Team Members (from left): Nicole Conway, Matt Brunelle, Mike Kennedy, Katy Wurman

Team Members (from left): Nicole Conway, Matt Brunelle, Mike Kennedy, Katy Wurman

Member Role Contact
Matthew Brunelle Mechanical Engineer mjb2715@rit.edu
Nicole Conway Mechanical Engineer nic4815@rit.edu
Michael Kennedy Mechanical Engineer mjk9695@rit.edu
Katy Wurman Industrial Engineer kew6584@rit.edu

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