P14031: Jib Trimmer Transfer Bench

Problem Definition

Table of Contents

Problem Statement

Current State
A jib transfer bench was created in Spring 2013 (P13031) that is heavy, expensive, labor-intensive to assemble, and accommodating of a strict size constraint present at the time.
Desired State
A jib transfer bench that enables a jib trimmer to move transversely across the width of the sailboat, without the use of their legs or core muscles.
Project Goals
A fully-functional prototype that is lighter, cheaper, and easier to assemble and manufacture

The P14031 Project Charter contains more information on this iteration

For more detailed background information, click on the following link for the Project Readiness Package.

Customer Requirements (Needs)

The following needs have been drafted and developed from previous iterations of the project. The list reflects the needs of the customer as of 9/2/13 and will be updated, if needed.

public/Photo Gallery/Tables/CR Table.JPG

Importance Scale: 1 = High Priority, 2 = Medium Priority, 3 = Low Priority

Relevant Files:

Customer Requirements Excel Document

Prior Research performed and documented in Project Readiness Package

Sonar Interview Notes (Keith Burhans 2/29/13)

Piers Park Interview Notes (Caitlyn Connolly 9/10/13)

Engineering Requirements (Specifications)

The Specifications Excel List outlines how the Customer Needs - listed above- correspond to Engineering Metrics. These metrics define the intended performance of the device and will be used to measure the success of the project.

public/Photo Gallery/Tables/ER Table.JPG

note: The specifications Excel list will be updated with marginal and target values and additional metrics as the project progresses

House of Quality

The House of Quality (HOQ) maps the engineering metrics to the customer requirements.

A Pareto analysis identifies our most important engineering requirements:

The team will keep this analysis in mind for future design considerations.

An initial Test Plan document outlines how the team will evaluate the engineering metrics. If all engineering metrics pass testing, then the team has met all of the identified customer needs.


Factors that will limit potential designs:
  1. Device designed to fit in a Sonar sailboat
  2. Completely mechanical solution (allowing the bench to be used for racing)
  3. Cannot hinder the ability of the sailor to operate the jib lines due to positioning or introduction of barriers
  4. Must remain within budget ($1000) - BUDGET DECREASED FROM $2500 ON 10/24/13
  5. Cannot contain components requiring alteration of the boat or that will cause damage to the boat.
  6. The size constraint (stemming from requiring P13032's skipper chair to be used simultaneously with the jib transfer bench) is no longer applicable
  7. The height of the device from the floor, plus the height of the user above the seat, needs to be less than the boom height

Project Goals and Key Deliverables

The following are what the customer can expect to receive at the end of the project in Spring 2014:
  1. Functional jib transfer bench for use at Piers Park (Boston, MA)
  2. Detailed design plans and documentation for manufacturing, including assembly plans
  3. Installation instructions and user manual for proper device use

Presentation Files

Problem Definition Presentation

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