P14031: Jib Trimmer Transfer Bench

Systems Design

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This page documents the process from the initial Problem Definition to a full Systems Level Design of a Jib Transfer Bench.


Previous Sonar Adaptive Sailing MSD Projects

Current Assistive Devices at Piers Park Sailing Center

Detailed descriptions and pictures of each device can be found in the Piers Park Adaptive Seating Overview provided to the team by Caitlyn Connolly, Adaptive Recreation Director at Piers Park in Boston, MA.

Function-based Brainstorming

Functional Decomposition

The Functional Decomposition diagram shows the breakdown of functions that the Jib Transfer Bench should perform.

The functional decomposition is set up in a way that when read top to bottom answer the question "how?" at each subsequent level. When read bottom to top the functions answer the question "why?" at each increasing level.

The following is the functional decomposition for the core function "The Jib Transfer Bench allows disabled persons to perform the duties of a jib trimmer":

public/Photo Gallery/FunctionalDecomp.JPG

Concept Generation

The Morphological Chart summarizes the brainstorming process. Ideas were brainstormed around the core functions in the Functional Decomposition.

From these ideas, concepts were developed. The following are some concepts generated by the team:

public/Photo Gallery/Seat Concepts.JPG

public/Photo Gallery/Lateral Movement.JPG

Concept Selection

The team divided the full system into 4 assemblies:

Pugh Charts were developed for each assembly to determine the "best" system design. (Note: just because the Pugh Charts identify one design as "better" than another the charts do not consider the importance of the criteria used)

The following concept is recommended moving forward:

public/Photo Gallery/Recommended Design.JPG

Systems Architecture

The Jib Transfer Bench system, as a whole, will be composed of several sub-systems. The sub-systems of the final design will include:


Initial feasibility analysis outlines the potential forces on the final design:

public/Photo Gallery/Feasibility (Forces).JPG

Risk Assessment

public/Photo Gallery/Tables/Risks.JPG

Systems Design Review

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