P14041: Smart Walker II


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The Smart Walker II is designed to be used to assist the elderly in long term care facilities. The Smart Walker II should act like and resemble a regular walker and not be obtrusive; the previous Smart Walker that was developed was too obtrusive and robot-like.

The walker should be able to collect information about the user's health and functionalities (heart rate, temperature, etc.), be semi-autonomous, mobile, capable of detecting and preventing falls, and the ability to localize patients in its workspace for emergencies. The resulting design is a Smart Walker II that is unobtrusive and is much like a regular walker with enhanced features. The patient will use the walker as they would a regular walker during their daily routines.

Project Name
Smart Walker II
Project Number
Start Term
End Term
Faculty Guide
Prof. George Slack, email
Primary Customer
Multi Agent Bio-Robotics Laboratory - Electrical and Microelectronics Engineering, RIT
Sponsor (financial support)
Dr. Ferat Sahin, email

Team Members

From Left to Right

From Left to Right

Member Role Contact
Kelsey Benz EE email
Trevor Sands EE email
Noah Barker-Eldon ME email
Anthony Sebastian ME email
Alex Bensch CE email
Dan Mei CE email

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