P14042: Una-Crutch

Project Review


Design Review PPTS

12/5/13- Detailed Design Review PPT, Detailed Design Review.

11/21/13- Detailed Design Review Handout Sheets can be found here: Dr. Cormier IE Review, Prof. Magyar ID Review, and Dr. Ghoneim ME Review.

10/29/13- Subsystems Design Review Powerpoint, Subsystems Design Review.

10/1/13 & 10/3/13- Systems Design Review can be found here, Systems Design Review.

9/12/13- PowerPoint Presentation for the Problem Definition Review is available by clicking the following link: Problem Definition PPT.

Design Review Handouts

Detailed Design Review

Subsystems Review

Systems Review Day 1

Systems Review Day 2

Problem Definition Review Handout

Team Reflection on MSD I

The Team Reflection for P14042 can be found Here


Team Reflection on MSD II

The Team Reflection for P14042 can be found Here

Final Presentation Review, Final Presentation.

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