P14045: Pediatric Stander II

Detailed Design

Table of Contents

Prototyping, Engineering Analysis, Simulation

Wheel Adapter Feasibility Analysis Report
See Alex Hebert's Engineering Notebook for Hand Calculations and Preliminary Analysis of the Wheel adapter Parts

Wheel Adapter Impact Time Study
Shows the affect that Impact Time would have on calculations of the loads on the Wheel Adapter.

Wheel Adapter Accelerometer Test Data
Test Data showing the Actual impact time of the stander when dropped.

Examples of prototyping can be found in the presentations

Drawings, Schematics, Flow Charts, Simulations

MSD 14045 Cad Files

Description: Design files for Battery Box and mounting solution, Tray System, and stander mock up

Battery Box Drawing Files

Description: PDF file of drawing files for the Battery Box.

Wheel Adapter CAD Files

Description: Design files for wheel adapter system. Contains ProE .prt and .igs files

Programming Flowchart

Description: Schematic for Stander Driver

Stander driver schematic (picture)

Visio version of schematic

Description: Schematic for stander button controls

Stander controls using buttons schematic (picture)

Visio version of schematic

Bill of Material (BOM)

The bill of materials is split into different sections, and each section is separated into what parts they are used to build. If a component was purchased in quantity for multiple parts, (e.g. Lauchpads for the driver, remote, and controls)they are listed only once, in the largest part.

Bill of Materials Spreadsheet

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

Design Reviews

Detailed Design Review Presentation (PDF)

Detailed Design Review Presentation (.pptx)

Post Detailed Design Review Changes (PDF)

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