P14045: Pediatric Stander II


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A motorized pediatric stander is a device similar to a wheelchair, meant to assist a disabled child to move around their environment in an upright position. The device should be able to provide safe, comfortable, and smooth transportation of the passenger, with the ability to be controlled by a third party. A previous prototype used buttons to control its movement, but the start/stop was found to be very jerky and the stander did not track straight. The remote control functionality was attempted, but was not fully implemented. Safety features were not fully developed.

For our project we modified the existing prototype to include better safety features such as collision detection. We redesigned the tray system, the battery mounting solution, and electronic features. Since there are no standing patents on automated standers key constraints were cost and weight of the components we add. We added 3 key systems, the stander driver box, the controls tray and an unfinished remote system. The Stander driver box contains the battery, and electronics to make the stander move. The controls tray has enough range of motion to fit almost any child's needs as well as folds away to get closer to tables. And the remote system would allow the therapist to have overriding safety control, but due to lack of bluetooth connectivity wasn't completed.

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Put photo of project here
Project Name:
Motorized Pediatric Stander
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Biomedical Systems and Technologies
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Faculty Guide:
Edward Hanzlik (echeee@rit.edu)
Primary Customer:
Steven W. Day (swdeme@rit.edu)
Linda Brown

Team Photo:

Team Members from left to right: Emily, John, Alex, & Greg

Team Members from left to right: Emily, John, Alex, & Greg

Member Role Contact
Alex Hebert Mechanical Engineer Lead amh1259@rit.edu
Greg Roeth Project Manager/M.E. ger4145@rit.edu
Emily Courtney Mechanical Engineer eec3893@rit.edu
John Daley Electrical Engineer Lead jrd7082@rit.edu
Martha Vargas Electrical Engineer mgv9694@rit.edu

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Planning & Execution

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Systems Design

Detailed Design

Project Review

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Planning & Execution

Build, Test, Document

Project Review

Final Presentation

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We would like to thank Dr. Steven Day and Edward Hanzlik for working with us during this senior design experience. We are also very pleased to have worked with Linda Brown to improve the current design of the pediatric stander for CP Rochester.